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About Us

Question: When was Shanghai Weichu Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. founded?

Founded in 2011

Q: What does Weichu do?

Shanghai Weichu Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. is a high-end custom metal sculpture design company

Q: What is the team of Weichu?

His Majesty Weichu has a vibrant team of young designers, professional sculptors and painters. The team has many years of artistic accomplishment, both in technology, aesthetics and experience. Coupled with the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of young designers, it is bound to give customers what they need and are satisfied with.

Q: What is the idea of ​​Weichu?

Only the original intention can always be achieved. Wei Chu's original intention-let art be full of life.

Q: What is "Weichu"?

   "Weichu" is the product brand of Shanghai Weichu Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. With Haipai culture as the root of the company's development, we help every guest realize their artistic dreams.

Q: Was the company's custom process?

The company will deepen the concept proposed by the customer, and use the hand-drawn, data model (or sculptor creation), metal processing, surface art processing and other production processes that can reflect the taste of culture to make the customer's concept into a finished product. Flower's mind will never be lower than the stage of sculpture production. After-sales service is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction.