The Famous Flute Performer of China Music Field—Master Lu Chunling

The Famous Flute Performer of China Music Field—Master Lu Chunling


Lu Chunling, known as "China Magic Flute" reputation. Flute playing,

whether in town or in the whole of China led the world of music has a

pivotal position, over half a century of his career and art practice

the flute professor at the formation of a model of its unique genre.

Its performance in the air intake of the subtle, fingering the mystery,

the rich sound, S & P for the music and the Concert of the respected at

home and abroad, especially in the genre, the Guangzhou Pumped Storage

and satisfied, the unique system called the master of flute community.


The Famous Sculptor of China Sculpture Field—Master Yan Youren

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Yan Youren was the heir of Master Zhang Chongren , one of the

man of Chinese Sculpture Field. He graduated from the 

 Shanghai Art Academy , he worked in the Shanghai Oil Painting

& Sculpture Institute for 20 years. As a realistic style of the

academic sculptor, he moved and driven trends in contemporary art. The

first time in Shanghai in 1979, "a photography exhibit," Beyond the

launch of "realism" style sculptures, caused great repercussions. 1980

and 1981, he replaced the "thinking", "return", "Heaven" and other

works the second time to participate in second Kanagawa Art Exhibition

and Awards, followed by adding Kanagawa Artists Association and the

Japan International Artists Association.


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Master Lu Chunling and Master Yan Youren are taking pictures together.


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Our company's staff are taking pictures with Lu and Yan.